Weston Design - Castle By The Lake

My theme for this lakeside villa, Message in a Bottle, helped me to pull my thoughts all together to create finishes and procure furnishings that spoke to the homeowners love of life, and family as well as Provencal France and Italian Renaissance styles. A challenge in terms of physical labor and creativity, this project stood out on its own from the beginning. Weston Design brought together a team of seven decorative painters and assistants. Together, we accomplished the incredible feat of plastering and glazing every ceiling, including embellishments around chandeliers and ceiling beams, the walls were embedded with many designs, stencils and detailed with Swarovski crystals. All of the columns in the house were uniquely finished to replicate marble in the most convincing of ways. Every detail in the office has a faux limestone finish and you’ll find finishes in the utilitarian areas to be distressed and painted as though they just came out of a Provencal farmhouse. Candy’s biggest challenge and greatest accomplishment is the ‘mother of pearl’ bell tower in the Princess Suite. A finish she perfected to compliment this sweet, lakeside sanctuary. A sweet quote is painted and outlined in gold leaf that so perfectly encompasses the homeowners essence. 

The furnishings were highly customized with unique fabrics, custom nailheads, buillon and tassel fringes, many with hand blown glass and imported from Paris. Much of the lighting used in this extraordinary home was also customized and artistically selected to compliment the authentic art and antique pieces from the homeowner’s collection.