The Talent Behind Weston Design

Candy Weston was born with a creative spirit. She began her design career with a focus on decorative painting, plastering and faux finishing. In the years since Weston Design originated, it has become a full-service interior design firm.


Weston Design, Inc specializes in customized interiors for residential and commercial clients, with decorative painting and energy clearings as additional components I often use to further create spaces that speak to the needs of my clients. 

Two things I believe passionately in, do something different in your home. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen it. There are NO RULES in your own home. Cut loose and just do it! I love to paint a ceiling a shocking color or a deep one, it creates conversation, intrigue, romance, intimacy, any number of things depending on the color and the depth.  It’s fun, it’s different, and it’s paint. If you don’t like it, paint over it. Life is too short so have fun! I LOVE a fun powder room! You’re only in there a short while so you can go wild with playful patterns, wild colors, bold accessories! You won’t get sick of it too fast because it’s a little jewel box of whatever makes you laugh, sigh, and fills your heart with joy.  It could, in fact become your favorite place. 

I believe any home can be gorgeous simply with plants (real, not fake, unless you can find really fantastic ones), books, fluffy, oversized pillows, laughter, smiles on the faces of your loved ones and a really beautiful footed cake plate that you have beautiful memories of your grandmother using. Yes, I’m a romantic and have a hard time parting with any family heirloom passed my way. 

My goal is always to create a polished, but very comfortable lived-in look that speaks to the very best of who my clients are. What the family stands for, your values and beliefs, the true essence of who my clients are, that’s what I like to turn into textiles, art, furniture placement, creating harmony between you and your surroundings. 

Looking forward to working with you, 

Candy Weston